South East RC Club is a radio cntrolled car club dedicated to Large Scale On Road Racing - 1/5th the size of a real car, they are big and they are fast!. The club entertain some exciting catergories; Touring Cars, Mini's and Trucks with F1 and Motorbikes to come in the future. Real engines, hydraulic braking systems and much more - the closest you will get to the real thing!


The club hosts has a Winter Series and a Summer Series using athe professional BBK timing system. This gives a true racing time and places can be determined by a 1000th of a second!  For our race days we hire & use Brookland Raceway's, a track designed purposely for this great sport!  We are able to run good race meetings with accurate lap times & a proper race format of three heats & finals.


We have a very friendly approach to racing at the club with racers from all ages taking part, we produce top class drivers that regularly take part in the national series with great success, so their is plenty of help on hand to make your experience more fun & memorable. Come along and see for yourself!

Want to know what On Road Large Scale Racing is?  Then check out these Mini's - this is what we do!

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Upcoming Events @ Brookland Raceway

(When events are on the track is NOT open for general practice.

If you are unsure, please contact us!

All contact details can be found on the 'Contact Us' tab...)


              !Next Meeting!

         9th December 2018 

          SERCCC Round 3

        Winter Series 2018/19

    FYI - Currently unsure about Cafe opening times for access. Pleace check before travelling...


13th January 2018 - SERCCC, Summers Series 2018 - Round 4


27th January 2018 - SERCCC, Summers Series 2018 - Round 5


10th February 2018 - SERCCC, Summers Series 2018 - Round 6


3rd March 2018 - SERCCC, Summers Series 2018 - Round 7


24th March 2018 - SERCCC, Summers Series 2018 - Round 8


For more information, to book the track or to book your place for a raceday please call: Mark Grant on 07931 913 179

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