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'Project Revitalise'

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Brookland Raceway Fund Raising campaign...

Brookland Raceway is planning exciting and ambitious improvements to its facilities. Our main goal is to cater for 1/10th, 1/8th & 1/5th scale racing and pull in the biggest events in the world…. To do this, and to save our track from disappearing urgent work is required – this is where Project Revitalise kicks in, with with some great prizes to be won and special offers for ALL those donating, we have exciting times ahead.


The campaign will run from 30th January until 31st May 2017 with our goal being £60,000.


Unfortunately as is the case with outdoor facilities, time has not been kind to the venue and in order for to return to its glory days and be suitable for the scales mentioned above some serious work needs to be carried out. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and funds needed to totally revamp the facility with:


•Re-surface the track

•New curbs

•Fencing for safety purposes

•New marshal boxes

•Race control revamp

•New toilet and shower block

•Mains power

•Pit area improvements

•Road signage

•CCTV and secure entry control

•First aid station

•Membership packs

•Large timing board

•Seated spectator area for the public


The benefits these improvements to the track would see a high number of visitors to the track; competing, supporting and spectating will help secure the tracks future and help local businesses all round!


Please support our cause by donating now!

Donate - Receive Special Offers - Stand a chance of Winning Prizes!

How it works...  Simple, make a donation and for every £5 you donate we will enter you into the prize draw for a chance to win one of the prizes listed below.  Once you have donated and you let us know how much you have donated, when and from what email address, we will supply you with your raffle ticket numbers - a draw will be made live on FB the 10th June 2017, we will pull the numbers from a 'hat' and list on both the website and FB pages / groups which numbers have won.  If you are a winner you will have 14 days to contact us and state the prize you wish to take, you will have to be quick though becuase they will be issued on a first come first serve basis!


In addition to the prize draw, you will also be emailed some special offers to take advantage of.  The idea is, you get something in return for helping the campaign!


See below for a list of our supporters (those that have donated) and the prizes available so far.  See also the list of special offers.


Keep an eye out - the prize list and special offers will continue to grow through the campaign!

Our Supporters so Far...

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Prizes so far....

For every £5 you donate, you will receive a prize entry, a number for each entry will be emailed / messaged to you...

Just check out the prizes up for grabs!!!

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3 x FG Umbrellas

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Special Offers so far...

When you donate £20 or more, the following offers and how to claim will be emailed / messaged to you....